DOJ files Motion to Dismiss Michael Flynn Charges

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Today the Department of Justice has filed a motion to dismiss the charges against Michael Flynn with prejudice. Michael Flynn had plead guilty to making a false statement to the FBI. The reason for the dismissal was an acknowledgement the statements were never material to any bona fide investigation.

The question still to be answered is why? Why with this underlying fact pattern did the Special Counsel’s Office file the criminal information in the first place? Was the real motivation the prosecution of a possible lie that had no negative effect on any ongoing investigation or was the motivation to pressure Michael Flynn for political purposes?

Michael Flynn was a former Lieutenant General and newly appointed National Security Advisor. He had no reason to suspect that the FBI wasn’t on his side. He freely spoke with investigators without counsel or warning that the FBI’s motive was to attempt to get him to lie. We all have the right to counsel and the right to remain silent. This case illustrates the wisdom in always seeking legal advice prior to speaking with law enforcement.

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