An EXCELLENT attorney!!!

I received a speeding ticket and a misunderstood theft charge as a result of an argument. I contacted Mr. Ivec to represent me in these matters. I informed him of the court date for the offenses I was charged with. The cases were in a different county than which he normally works in, he informed me that he had no problem being there to represent me. he also discussed the cases with me and informed me of all the possible outcomes and fines I might expect to see depending on the outcome. When I arrived at court Mr. Ivec was there to meet me, he discussed the case once again with me, and then proceeded to discuss the matter with the prosecuting attorney. I was very pleased with the professionalism and the timely manner in which everything was handled! He was able to get the theft charge dismissed and the speeding ticket handled in a manner that was VERY affordable to me! I was in and out of court very quickly and was kept well informed of every aspect of what was transpiring. I am EXTREMELY pleased with Mr. Ivec's performance and professionalism! In my opinion there is no better attorney to be had, he will go above and beyond for his clients and treats every clients case and client with the utmost respect. I , hopefully will never need to hire an attorney again, but if I do there is and always will be only one for me! Mr. John Ivec! I would and will highly recommend him to anyone I run across that is in need of representation for any legal matters!

- Richard

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