Impeccable Service!

My family and I, would like to thank John Paul Ivec, Attorney at Law for his impeccable service! The case was for criminal tresspass, but was prolonged for a year, due to our son not being able to attain fitness with his mental illness. Even with months in on that case, without hesitation, Mr. Ivec also agreed to represent our son with several ordiance violations. Mr. Ivec is a very smart and compassionate criminal law attorney who knows his stuff. He was able to get ALL cases dismissed with prejudice!!! He was always available on the phone/email and responded to our queries promptly. His fees were beyond reasonable and well worth it! Above all he is a great human being who genuinely cares for his clients, as he tirelessly fought for my son and offered him sound advice from beginning to end. We definitely found an excellent attorney with John Paul Ivec, Attorney at Law and would highly recommend his services!

- Trenee'

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