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Weapon Charges

I’ve been charged with a weapon-related crime, now what?

 With the declaration that parts of the previous aggravated unlawful use of a weapon law was unconstitutional and with the legislature reluctantly passing a concealed carry law, the gun laws in Illinois are in a constant state of flux.  The Ivec Law Firm is your best defense against weapons charges. Former Will County State’s Attorney JohnPaul Ivec can defend you when you are accused of weapon-related offenses. Call the Ivec Law Firm if you are charged with any of the following weapon-related offenses:

  •          Unauthorized use of a weapon
  •          Defacing a weapon (removing a serial number)
  •          Improperly modifying a weapon
  •          Unauthorized use of a weapon by a convicted felon
  •          Aggravated unauthorized use of a weapon


Unauthorized Use of a Weapon

A conviction for unauthorized use of a weapon can have serious repercussions throughout your life.  Such a conviction could cost you your freedom and even your job, as your conviction will appear in background checks when you seek employment. The sentence for unauthorized use of a weapon can range from probation and short jail terms of less than one year to years of jail time for felony charges.  The more serious offenses of aggravated unauthorized use of a weapon, defacing a weapon, improperly modifying a weapon, and unauthorized use of a weapon by a convicted felon can involve even more severe sentences.


Defenses to Weapons Charges

Fortunately, you do not have to accept these punishments without a fight.  First, you have a right to fight the charges against you and to force the government to meet its burden of proof before you are convicted. There are many defenses that you could raise in defense of weapons-related charges:

  •          Lack of probable cause for the stop
  •          Illegal seizure of the weapon
  •          Violations of your Constitutional rights
  •          Intentional misconduct by the police
  •          Insufficient evidence against you
  •          The right to possession of the weapon under the Second Amendment


A Lawyer on Your Side

You have a right to the assistance of an experienced attorney, like JohnPaul Ivec, to help you defend against these charges. JohnPaul Ivec can help you navigate the complex criminal process that you are facing. He will bring 18 years of experience and the invaluable “inside” perspective of a former prosecutor to work for you in your defense. He will scrupulously examine the facts of your case and will consider every possible defense to the charges against you. Marshaling his experience and expertise, JohnPaul Ivec will zealously present your best possible defense.

Although sentences for weapons-related convictions can be very severe, there are provisions of Illinois law that permit leniency, especially for first-time offenders.  A knowledgeable and persuasive attorney like JohnPaul Ivec can protect you by advocating for the least onerous punishments that the law allows for weapons-related convictions.

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