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Will County Real Estate Attorney

What should I know before buying, selling, renting, or leasing property in Illinois?

The Ivec Law firm can keep you informed about requirements under current law, and any changes that could affect your transaction.  The firm is prepared to handle your transactional matters concerning residential and commercial real estate in Will county and surrounding areas, and litigating any real estate disputes that arise.

Contract review, drafting, and negotiation

Many real estate property disputes center on the contract.  A real estate contract directs the various terms and conditions related to the sale of a property and the transfer of title.  A contract should be clearly written in order to avoid disputes.  An experienced lawyer can draft and fully explain important real estate contracts.  JohnPaul will draft and review a wide variety of real estate contracts and lease agreements.

Real estate property disputes

Even if a real estate contract has been properly drafted, disputes can still arise after successful a real estate closing or settlement.  JohnPaul can help you with breach of contract, boundary dispute, easement, eminent domain, implied warranties (such as whether the house is livable or not) and other real property matters. 

Landlord/tenant disputes

As a tenant, you are entitled to a livable home.  Your landlord has a duty to properly upkeep his or her property, and if this duty is not maintained, you may have the right of legal action.  Similarly, as a landlord, you have certain rights.  Unpaid rent can establish legal grounds for eviction; however, some tenants may require more forceful action such as lockouts and seizure of personal property. JohnPaul has a solid knowledge of landlord / tenant law and will carefully evaluate your legal position whether you are a landlord or tenant.  He is effective at leading disputes toward settlement, but where litigation is unavoidable; he will meticulously review your case and present creative arguments in the courtroom.

Do you, a friend, or a loved one need help with a real estate matter?

If you are faced with a real estate matter– whether you need help with a real estate contract, a dispute between neighbors or tenants, or are in danger of losing your home or business property; JohnPaul will thoroughly assess the issues and make sure that your property and contract rights are protected.

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